What can lend more praise to shadows of
tree limbs on the ground, to the bright curves
around them outlining the sun, than the shapes
of those shadows themselves. And what can lend
more praise to love, to the bright giving
of each to each outlining love’s form,
than the shape of love itself. So let me spell out,
or attempt to contour, what can’t be spelled,
what only love can outlove. You are you
who casts the spells on my anything
and anything takes the spell, for having
your shape to take it by, more shapely.
Maple trees and oaks in the sun shadowing
over one another lend to me all that is mine,
and every shape shadows I’m all yours.

All Yours: for Gigi by Cory Brown


About Amber Donofrio

A writer, contemporary art enthusiast, and nature appreciator divided between coasts.
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