Hi everyone! Once again, I would like to thank you all for the page visits, likes, and general interest in this project that has definitely expanded from the little seedling it once was. It’s officially been four months since the resurgence of To Bind Ourselves to This World and winter–though from appearance alone would seem in its prime–will soon transform into a spring rich with the vibrant scent of earth. That said, it’s time to take another break to refocus and maintain strength. Art, photography, and inspiration, all of which are intertwined, are not about quantity. Again, inspiration comes in every drop of rain, every little sound, every speck of dust that collects in the wooden floor corners of our memories. Reflection is as powerful and necessary as existing in the present; it’s where memories, images, and life intersect. It’s where art is born.

So thank you all once again! Let’s continue to value those little instances in time that transcend our expectations and unearth those feelings of joy and excitement that come with inspiration. Because there is or can be love in every creative impulse and in every opportunity to become one with the surrounding world, to breathe in its lifeness and acknowledge our existence within the universe at large. Every photograph and artwork has this possibility to unearth emotions and sensations we didn’t even know were possible. And every moment is an opportunity for an artwork or photograph as well. Every moment can in fact be, in and of itself, art.


About Amber Donofrio

A writer, contemporary art enthusiast, and nature appreciator divided between coasts.
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