Beginning Again

Hello everyone— present readers and readers yet to come. It’s already been over a year since these 35 days of inspiration, and now with the weather growing gloriously dreary as winter approaches and a new stage in my life officially begun (working stiff post-grad-dom), it seems only fitting to adapt the idea and begin again. A lot has happened over the past year, from meltdowns and rebirths to new friends and relationships and experiences. But one thing hasn’t changed: the world is still beautiful, and we within it are part of its beauty. Sometimes this is something easy to forget as life speeds ahead and we fall into the seeming banality of everyday. Still, it never hurts to look again, to focus on the little things, the small beauties—anything from a comforting shade of blue to a stranger’s smile to an emotion that, even if only a second, makes everything in life feel okay. This blog is dedicated to love and thought and the small details we sometimes forget to see. Welcome, everyone, to To Bind Ourselves to This World. Here’s to infinite days of inspiration.


About Amber Donofrio

A writer, contemporary art enthusiast, and nature appreciator divided between coasts.
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