Hi everyone! Thank you so much if you’ve ever read my blog or come across it, and especially to any followers–I really appreciate the support! Somehow it has already been 35 days, so these posts conclude the To Bind Ourselves to This World summer project. Largely this project was something for myself–a means to keep searching for those little pieces of inspiration that surround us. Every color, sound, texture, voice, word, or idea can be resonant, especially those that are unexpected. There is beauty in simplicity, and a single phrase or photograph has the power to affect both creativity and mood. I hope someone out there has become inspired in some way. I hope everyone keeps looking for those quiet in-between spaces: the patience and tranquility between words on a page and those felt emotions, unspoken but still noticed, experienced through our encounters with photographs and art. Maybe I’ll add onto this blog in later time (a winter project, perhaps), maybe not. But as poet Sharon Olds once wrote in her poem “Little Things”:

I am doing something I learned early to do. I am
paying attention to small beauties,
whatever I have–as if it were our duty to
find things to love, to bind ourselves to this world

To all the small beauties in the world, to happiness and love. Let us keep challenging expectations, forming new ideas, and being unafraid to take chances. Let us be ourselves. And through our creativity, growing inspired and inspired again, we will bind ourselves to this world, taking in all of the pleasures and surprises the world has in store for us and reveling in our abilities to exist in the present time and place, to think impossible thoughts and to persist in the lives we all live.

About Amber Donofrio

A writer, contemporary art enthusiast, and nature appreciator divided between coasts.
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