To Bind Ourselves to This World is a short-term summer project. When there is constantly a bombardment of places to be and things to do–bus rides, full time work, classes, eating, sleeping–it’s difficult, if not impossible, to find any time to just sit down and write. But this is not a writing blog; rather, it is a collection of photographs, quotations, videos, and ideas that are intriguing and therefore inspiring, to myself and hopefully others too. Stop by to see a new image or idea daily. Perhaps stay and comment with inspiring images and ideas of your own.

About Amber Donofrio

A writer, contemporary art enthusiast, and nature appreciator divided between coasts.
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2 Responses to Idea:

  1. Rob Licht says:

    Amber, I just perused most of these images and words- I love your vision! You have a keen eye and attentive mind. Keep on being inspired!

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